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    Low Price Guarantee. Specialized in OEM and R&D. Range of Whole House Water Filters, Refrigerator Filters, RO System Filter, Pool SPA Filters.

    We are an professional wholesale-supplier of home water filters&systems in Los Angeles, California, America since 2001.

    From the very beginning to present, all Best Pure staff focuses on provide premium cost-effetive water filtration products and technical support to worldwide dealers, retailers and distributors.

    Products we major in covers a wide categories of Refrigerator Filter, RO System&Cartridge, Whole House Water Filter, Kitchen Sink Filtration System, Water Pitcher Filters, Water Purifiers of Tap/Faucet and Shower Head.

    For some other outdoor fields, following filters available at Best Pure including Personal Water Filter for Hiking, RV Water Filters, Water Purification Filter Cartridges for Pool & SPA Use.

    Cartridge Filters Manufacturers

    Authorized certificates of NSFWQA, IAPMO achieved to assure safety and cleanness of filter components and materials.

    Never change our mind to provide competitive wholesale pricingpremium quality and short delivery time to all those customers and clients trust and rely on us.


    Passed by NSF, WQA and IAPMO

    ISO 9001/14001 qualified, FDA registered facility.


    Premium Activated Carbon

    High class Natural Coconut Shell Activated Carbon produced by Advanced Concentrated Carbon Technology. 

    Easily enjoy filtered water with mineral matters to bring good to human body.


    High Effective Filtration

    97% filtration efficiency of chlorine, lead, mercurycysts, rust, corrosion, sediment, turbidity, etc.

    Do our best to deliver healthy and sanitary water all customers and clients concern.