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  1. Straw & RV Water Filters
    LifeStraw Wholesale Outdoor Personal WaterFilter Distributor Supply in Low Price

    Product Specification:
    • Type : Wholesale
    • Custom : Available
    • For : LifeStraw
    • Capacity : 2000 gallons
    • Filtration : Heavy Metal, Bacteria
    • UF Filter : Yes
    • Certificate : NSF
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    99.9999% effectively remove water borne bacteria.

    Able to filter all particles with the size of 0.01 micron or over.

    High class premium NSF certificated activated carbon filter media.

    lifestraw Water Filter

    lifestraw Water Filterlifestraw Water Filter

    lifestraw Personal Water Filter

    lifestraw Water Filter

    lifestraw Water Filter

    Filtration: Heavy Metal, Cysts, Spores, Bacteria, etc.

    UF Filter: Yes

    Certificate: NSF

    Compatibility: For LifeStraw

    Fitness for Use: Hiking, Camping

    Filtration Life: 2000 Gallons

    Custom: Available

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