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  1. Countertop Water Filter

    Kitchen use Countertop Water Filters with profitable pricing comply with FDA material safety standards for Vendors, Retailers, and Shopkeepers, etc. Perfectly work for chlorine and fluoride removal. For more not listed here? Contact Us Right Now.

    Counter Top Household Water Filtration System Bulk Supply with FDA Approved

    Product Specification:
    • Material : ABS
    • FDA : Approved
    • Flow Rate : 2L/ Min
    • Expectancy : 6 Month
    • Location : Los Angeles
    • Type : Wholesale
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    Flow Rate: 2L/ Min

    Cartridge: Normal 10 inch

    Max Operating Pressure: 689.5Kpa (100 psi)

    Min Operating Pressure: 124Kpa (20 psi)

    Temp. Range: 5-38 ℃ (41-100 ℉)

    Filtratino Expectancy: 6 months

    Accessories: Faucet, Wrench, Connector

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