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    3 Advantages You Need Know about Pool Filter Cartridge
    Published by BESTPURE August 27,2020

    By using a pool filter cartridge to effectively filter sediments in water, inhibit bacteria and keep pool water sanitary as well as make contribution to water conservation.

    Unfiltered water from municipal or well exist sediment, impurities and contaminants more or less. If let it flow into your swimming pool directly without pool filter cartridges, some healthy problems of skin, hair and body may occur because of contaminants in water.

    Filter Out Sediment

    Natural water contain a lot of sediments such as sand, clay, leaves and other possible debris insanitary and dirty. The effect of swim pool filter cartridge is to eliminate them from water make use of its unique pleated appearance and good dust collection performance. When water flow into pool filter cartridges, waterborne impurities will be intercepted by gaps and grooves of the pool filter cartridge. Then clean water flow our to be poured into swimming pools. Market pool filter cartridges are very popular for in ground and above ground pools to clean water.


    Bacteria&Microorganisms Inhibition

    Every time you filter your swim pool water it should last a period of time for daily use. The PLF PLUS series used for the pool filter cartridges are made of high class clean antimicrobial fabric. Growth of bacteria will be effectively inhibited and eliminated during the filtration of pool filter cartridge to keep filtered water clean and hygeian for long time use. Usually bacteria and germs founded in swimming pools includes viruses like hepatitis A and norovirus, bacteria such as Shigella species; E. coli as well as some other possible microorganisms threat our body health. In conclusion, to install a pool filter cartridge for your swimming pool is more and more necessary.


    Compared with Sand Filter

    Pool filter cartridges are able to screen out more dirt and debris in water twice over normal sand filters. Filtration area are up to 100, 120, 150 square feet or more and that make sure sediments and dirt in water can be filtered out as much as possible. Back-washing step is another inconvenience of sand filters. While there will be no back-washing required for a pool filter cartridge which save both time and energy mostly.

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